Hello to anyone reading this, and welcome to Judy’s books blog! I’m aiming to update more often than I’ve managed to do on my other blogs, with shorter postings –  covering everything from famous classic novels and poetry to more obscure titles from the past, as well as more recent books. My literary passions include 19th-century authors such as Dickens, Hardy, Charlotte Bronte, Gaskell and the Brownings, and I’m currently reading some 1930s Persephone reprints.. but I also read lots of other things.

I suppose one inspiration for this blog was reading Susan Hill’s Howards End is on the Landing: A year of reading from home, where she dips into and discusses some of the books all around her house, and what they have meant to her.  My house is also crammed with books, many of which I haven’t got round to reading – so I’m hoping having a blog devoted to books will encourage me to get to more of them.